At my derma dream we want to help the world fall in love with their skin again

Black & Spanish people are told their skin is too dark and needs to be lighter.

Asian people are told their facial features are too round thus they need products to give them more western facial structure.

White people are sold the idea that their skin is too light and they must make it darker.

By deceptive greedy brands - aka Big Beauty - who try to convince women & men all over the world that their skin is ugly. 

Big Beauty has been carefully deceiving us for years... all so they can sell you products and services to "make you more beautiful" while in reality damaging your skin; for example:

  • Bleaching which causes pigment loss
  • Lip injections which destroy your nerves and lips
  • Tanning which cause cancers
  • Fillers and surgeries which eventually deform the face
  • And more

We feel this BIG BEAUTY LIE is destroying our society... because, right now, there are almost 8 billion women & men on this planet who have been robbed of the chance of true love...

  • True love with their own skin
  • True love with their own face
  • True love with their own body
  • True love with their own skin type

This has led all of us to feel embarrassed, anxious, and like we're unworthy of loving ourselves the way we are

This isn’t true. This isn’t just. And This isn’t fair.

So what is our derma dream?

Through our skincare solutions... solutions that are ACTUALLY designed to help heal the skin... we want to help you fall in love with your own skin again...

And ultimately help you become your own self-reliant beauty icon!

So what is our derma dream?

“Our Founder, Wouter grew up being half European and half African. Thus, from an early age, he noticed each side of the family was robbed of loving their own skin...”

On his African side... His aunts were told that lighter is more beautiful.. so they would bleach their skin. Now many of them have developed pigment loss & vitiligo on their bodies from the years of bleaching. Trapped in this web of lies, they are less and less happy with their skin as the years go on -- because for Big Beauty - YOU are never good enough.

On his European side… They were told that darker is more beautiful... So they went out constantly tanning without sunscreen, burning their skin, just for a temporary feeling of beauty… In fact because of this, at age 54, his mother had even developed a skin issue that needed surgery to be removed, luckily wasn't cancerous, but doctors said it could have become if it wasn't caught in time... this left a lasting impact on Wouter and his family.

Having seen both sides impacted by Big Beauty, Wouter set out on a mission...

At age 21, Wouter started a small European online beauty store. There he sold holistic beauty products, but he felt something was off. Because the majority of his products were consumables… women would come back every few weeks and months spending their hard-earned money to buy the same products again and again … and it just didn’t sit well with him.

So in 2021, Wouter began conducting research and uncovered cutting edge techniques with more promising long-term skincare solutions. And better yet, they were cheaper in the long run, and highly effective in giving real results to real people. 

And in 2022, Wouter started My Derma Dream (TM) to bring these new products to the market... to help women and men heal their skin... and to ultimately, help them fall in love with their true skin again.

So what Should you do?

Rather than falling for another lie from Big Beauty; who tells you to change or cover up your skin with a product only to leave you to feeling dissatisfied with your skin for a second longer…

Try one of our skin care solutions for 90-days risk free!

And as My Derma Dream becomes your way of skincare:

One of the first things you will notice is you'll see advertisements from big beauty and realize their "solutions" are a total joke. 

Soon you'll notice yourself valuing more permanent & long-term solutions rather than getting caught up in the web of lies behind buying disposable products from Big Beauty.

You'll begin to fall in love with your own skin again….

You notice you've become your own beauty icon, where you're more informed on what to do than 99% of others. And you'll know this is happening when your friends and family ask for your advice. You become the hero that helps them out of the same mess. — all of a sudden you will have a Midas Touch… so every beauty product you pick will turn your skin into gold.

As well you feel pride knowing you’re helping women and men around the world with the same issues as you…helping them fall in love with their own skin again.

Let The real you shine

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