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Our Spa Exfoliating GloveDeep exfoliating mitts is made of viscose fiber, which is a plant fiber.

It’s naturally exfoliating, brightening, and prevents ingrown hairs.

What you’re left with is silky smooth skin that better absorbs your favorite moisturizers, serums, and more (meaning you use less and save in the long run).

  • Benefits

  • How to use

  • Cautions

  • This helps to REMOVE dead skin cells…

  • Leaves behind smooth, soft, radiant skin.  

  • 90-Day full money-back guarantee: No questions asked

Ideally, they should be used in the shower with soap and warm water.

The warm water will help open your pores and give you better access to dirt and grime while the soap will cleanse your skin.

Don’t worry about pressing too hard as the gloves are made to exfoliate.

Just use a light circular motion and you’re good to go.

One of the most important things to remember is to wash your gloves between each use.

Not a toy Keep away from children. Do not use it directly on the lips or eyes/eyelids

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