IPL Laser Hair Removal At Home 

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GoBare FX
GoBare FX

IPL Laser Hair Removal At Home 

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Say goodbye to waxing, shaving, and costly salon treatments.

If you’re FED UP with spending $100s if not $1000s on hair removal, only to have it GROW BACK with:

Unsightly stubble, painful ingrown hairs, and embarrassing razor burn rashes on your skin…

You’ll be excited to learn IPL Laser Hair Removal technology is now available in an ultra-affordable device:

The GoBARE FX: IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

… That lets you PAINLESSLY remove unwanted hair, for GOOD.

All from the comfort of home.

  • Benefits

  • How to use

  • Cautions

  • Be HAIR-FREE in weeks

  • No more shaving, waxing, or threading 

  • PAINLESS hair removal at home

  • Same results as spa lasering

  • But WAY MORE affordable!

  • 90-Day full money-back guarantee: No questions asked

Step 1: Shave prior to treatment (Recommended for best results)

Step 2: Exfoliate to open pores (OPTIONAL, but recommended)

Step 3: Ensure skin is clean & dry (For optimal energy transfer to hair follicles)

Step 4: Choose treatment mode & flash mode (Based on skin type & hair color)

Step 5: Hold the device flush against your skin (For best absorption of broad-spectrum light)

Step 6: Press button to "FLASH" your hair follicles (One flash per are is all you need)

Then, be sure the skin is clean and dry.

Do not apply any moisturizers, gels, or serums prior to treatment.

Not a toy Keep away from children. Do not use it directly on the lips or eyes/eyelids.


Premium quality device


No batteries or charging


Results are permanent


Up to 300,000 flashes


Total body hair removal


10+ year lifespan

Real people, real results

Customer Reviews


Does hair removal with GoBARE FX hurt? 

No, for the vast majority of clients, IPL hair removal is pain-free.

However, with an abundance of caution, it’s recommended that you test the device on a small patch of skin before committing to full-body treatment.

It’s very rare, but clients with sensitive or undiagnosed skin conditions have reported irritation and painful heat.

Do I need to wear eye protection, like sunglasses? 

No eye protection is required. However, do avoid looking directly into the laser or using it near the eyes.

How long until I see results? 

GoBARE FX works to permanently eliminate your unwanted body hair with 8 to 12 weekly treatments, and treatments every 2-3 months after that to maintain results and target any new hair growth.

The speed of results will depend on your skin tone and hair color.

The darker your hair, and the lighter your skin, the FASTER your expected results.

Are the results permanent? 

Yes, hair removal with GoBARE FX is permanent. Maintenance treatments target NEW hair growth. Expect to need fewer and fewer treatments over time. 

On what parts of my body can I use GoBARE FX? 

GoBARE FX works best on areas of the skin where the device window can make full contact with the skin. So while you can use it, for example, on your knees and it will work…

… Treatments work faster and more effectively on areas of the skin where the device can make full, direct contacts like your leg or thigh.

The device can be used anywhere you wish to treat unwanted hair growth with the exclusion of:

Genitals, eyes, nipples, dark freckles, or moles.

(Bikini area and Brazilian hair removal are fine.)

Also, avoid using it directly on tattoos.

Who shouldn’t use GoBARE FX?

IPL treatment with GoBARE FX isn’t right for you if: 

  • Have recently tanned.
  • Use tanning beds or tanning creams.
  • You might have skin cancer.
  • If you use a retinoid cream.
  • Are very dark-skinned.
  • Have extremely white, light, or grey hair.
  • Have a skin resurfacing disorder.
  • Have severe scarring or keloid scar tissue.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for treatment? 

Yes, it’s recommended that you shave treatment areas prior to using the device. Exfoliation is also recommended, to open pores.

Then, be sure the skin is clean and dry.

Do not apply any moisturizers, gels, or serums prior to treatment.

Can I continue my usual hair removal between treatments? 

While you can continue shaving, please avoid waxing or plucking hair between treatments. These hair removal methods pull out the entire root, which is necessary for IPL treatments to work.

(It destroys the hair follicle at the root.)

Can I continue tanning while using this GoBARE FX?

We don’t recommend tanning until you’ve completed your initial 8-12 weeks of treatments. When you’re satisfied that your hair growth has virtually stopped, you can continue tanning.

Just wait 2 weeks after your last tanning before using the IPL device. And wait 48-72 hours after your last IPL treatment before tanning.

Does it come with a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! You have 90 days to try it RISK-FREE. If you’re not thrilled with the overall facial sculpting and contouring effects, you’re invited to contact us for a refund, no questions asked! 

Is shipping really FREE?

Yes! We offer FREE SHIPPING, worldwide!

90-Days return policy

Free shipping on all orders

1 year warranty

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