Are MicroCurrent Results Instant? How Fast Does MicroSculpt Work?

Are MicroCurrent Results Instant? How Fast Does MicroSculpt Work?

The Truth: Instant Results vs. Consistent Improvement

At My Derma Dream, we understand the allure of instant gratification. 

Like many brands who sell microcurrent treatments, our advertisements showcase the undeniable, immediate effects some users experience with our MicroSculpt device. It’s truly a testament to the potential of microcurrent therapy!   
However, it's important to know these instant transformations often come from people who are hyper sensitive to microcurrent therapy. So, while we celebrate the possibility of immediate improvement, like most skin care or health routines, most are going to see fantastic results through consistency.

The “Shocking” Science Behind MicroCurrent. And The “ Lightening” Fast Results

One of the most famous examples comes from the study by Saniee, published in the Journal of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences (Saniee, et al., 2012)

Incredibly, after only 30 sessions, participants observed significant improvements in facial wrinkles, particularly in the forehead area, with an 18% enhancement noted and overall satisfaction exceeding 70%.But, it doesn’t stop there. Because, the study showed that improvements continued to be significant and sustained at least a month after, illustrating the lasting benefits of consistent microcurrent therapy. As you can see, while immediate effects can be a delightful surprise, the true value of microcurrent therapy lies in its ability to foster gradual and sustained improvements in skin health and appearance.

And that’s why we created something special to help all of our users along…

The 90-Day Habit Tracker: Mapping Out Success

We've introduced the 90-day habit tracker to guide you through the journey of consistent use. This tracker is designed to motivate and document your progress, highlighting key milestones:

  • Day 1-5: Notice the reduction in puffiness, as MicroSculpt begins to detoxify the skin.
  • Day 30: Observe early signs of toning, a hint of the more significant changes to come.
  • Day 60: Welcome more defined facial contours, as your consistent efforts start to pay off visibly.
  • Day 90: Revel in defined features, the result of dedication and the transformative power of MicroSculpt.

Remember: Use MicroSculpt in conjunction with hydrating serum like our Niacinamide Activator Serums to enhance conductivity and boost the treatment's effectiveness. 

Conclusion: The Journey Towards Enhanced Skin Health with MicroSculpt

MicroSculpt is more than just a skincare device; it's your partner in the journey towards achieving and maintaining a radiant, youthful complexion. While instant results may be a reality for some, we celebrate the beauty of consistency and gradual improvement. Over time, consistent use can enhance facial tone, reduce puffiness, and promote a more youthful appearance—achievements that go beyond the surface to reflect the skin's genuine health. 

Embrace the journey with MicroSculpt, and let's embark on a 90-day challenge together, towards achieving lasting beauty and confidence!


Saniee, F., Shahidi, M., Siadat, A.H., & Momeni, M. (2012). The effect of microcurrents on facial wrinkles. Journal of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, 10(3). Retrieved from 

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