The Power Duo: Microcurrent and Red Light Therapy Explained

The Power Duo: Microcurrent and Red Light Therapy Explained

The Power Duo: Microcurrent and Red Light Therapy Explained

Once you start noticing your skin is aging faster than you expected it to, you probably start the mad dash of researching different ways to “fix” it. That’s understandable. Most people wish they had healthier skin. 

The good news is, you can have beautiful skin at any age without surgery, injections, or any other invasive treatment the Big Beauty industry wants to sell you. It just takes a little creative research.

One of the best ways to deal with aging skin is by helping it remember how it used to act when it was younger. Two ways you can do that is by using microcurrent and red light therapy. 

Essentially, these treatments “trick” your skin into thinking it’s ten years younger. My Derma Dream gives you access to these solutions that:

  • Lift, sculpt, and contour the skin’s appearance without surgery
  • Support even skin tone and texture
  • Give you back your radiant, healthy glow

It might seem like it’s too good to be true — so what’s the deal, and what is the science behind microcurrent? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Microcurrent: Hero or Hype?

Aging skin loses its resilience and can sag, making it appear as though it’s hanging on your face instead of looking firm and tight. It also loses some of its volume, which allows the formation of lines and wrinkles. 

Another little-known fact? The facial muscles that support your skin begin to shrink with age. These muscles, like the muscles in the rest of your body, need a workout, but it’s unlikely anyone is going to sit around and perform facial exercises for hours on end. 

Instead, you can just use microcurrent. Microcurrent technology uses low-level electrical currents that mimic your body’s own currents to support the skin and the facial muscles. These currents effectively retrain the facial muscles, support proper blood flow in the skin, and help your skin remember how it worked when it was younger. 

The results? 

Skin looks visibly LIFTED, sculpted, and toned without the use of heavy contouring makeup, invasive surgery, or painful and pricey injections. Your facial muscles get the workout they need, and your skin looks radiant and youthful. 

Where Can You Find Microcurrent?

Most of the time, microcurrent treatment is done in a medspa by an esthetician or dermatologist. You can expect to pay a couple hundred dollars per treatment, and you’ll need multiple treatments to see results. 

OR you can use My Derma Dream’s MicroSculpt™ tool. With MicroSculpt, you can achieve the youthful-looking, radiant skin of your dreams…

…without the sacrifice of your time and money. It’s the at-home device that truly does it all. And for even more skin benefits, you can combine microcurrent with red light therapy. 

What Is Red Light Therapy?

There are different types of light therapy, all of which have benefits for your skin.

  • Red light. This light targets fine lines (like crow's feet and the 11 lines), and helps stimulate deep layers of the skin, encouraging the skin to remain plump and resilient. It also helps reduce the appearance of redness and irritation on the skin. 

  • Amber light. This light helps even out the look of skin tone, alleviates redness, and works to smooth rough skin texture. It’s also helpful in fading the appearance of dark spots. 

  • Blue light. Blue light is useful for cleansing the skin, which can help soothe breakouts and blemishes. It helps support balance in your skin’s natural oil levels, and plays a key role in fading the look of dark spots. 

  • Green light. Green light helps de-puff your skin, supporting overall lymphatic drainage. This is especially beneficial right when you wake up. 

Red light therapy uses low-wavelength red light to help achieve healthier skin that looks more youthful. By encouraging blood flow, fresh oxygen is delivered to the skin, tricking the skin into thinking there’s an injury that needs healing. 

This helps even out the look of texture, tone, and clarity. It also helps reduce the appearance of sun damage, age spots, lines, and wrinkles. It’s safe, non-invasive, and effective. 

How To Step Into the Light

Just like microcurrent, you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars to have red light therapy treatments (or any light therapy treatment) done in a medspa or by a dermatologist. You’ll need multiple treatments for best results. 

My Derma Dream’s DermaGlow Light Therapy Mask is the at-home, affordable way to get red light therapy without committing your life savings or sacrificing hours of your time at the spa. 

This mask is incredible. It’s completely hands-free, and has three light modalities (red, blue, amber, green, purple, white & cyan) to help accelerate the youthful healing of your skin. You’ll notice an immediate glow after using it even once. 

After three to four weeks of consistent use, most users notice:

  • Firm, plump skin
  • Less visible fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dark spots and skin discoloration fading in appearance
  • Overall even-looking texture and tone 

You can use the mask daily on each of the three modalities to tackle any of the skin concerns you have. For maximum skin benefits, combining microcurrent and red light therapy is a must. 

How To Combine Microcurrent and Red Light Therapy (and Why It’s Worth It)

Of course, you want all the benefits of microcurrent and red light therapy — and now you can get them without ever stepping foot inside a spa. 

Using My Derma Dream’s MicroSculpt device in combination with the DermaGlow mask is an easy, effective way to tag-team your skin treatments and grab DOUBLE benefits right in the comfort of your own home. 

How It Works

Microcurrent and red light therapy are complementary treatments that work together synergistically for amazing results. They are safe to use separately or together, and you can use both of them daily. 

To combine both treatments in one session, always use your light therapy treatment first. This helps relax the facial muscles, stimulate the skin, and prepare it for microcurrent treatment. 

  • Step 1. Cleanse the skin and pat dry. 
  • Step 2. Pop on the DermaGlow mask, and turn on the red light modality. 
  • Step 3. Relax. You’ve got 15 minutes to enjoy your treatment. 
  • Step 4. Cycle through the other LED light therapy modalities, or move to microcurrent. 
  • Step 5. Prep your skin for microcurrent treatment with your favorite activator serum.
  • Step 6. Turn on your microcurrent device and make upward glides on your skin. 
  • Step 7. Finish by moisturizing your skin and applying sunscreen. 

You can easily address your skin for fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes, loss of resilience, and uneven tone and texture at home, without surgery, injections, or spending a lot of time or money, and get results that will leave others wondering what your secret is. 

Both of these treatments are safe to be used together daily. For best results, use them daily for the first three months, and then reduce your treatments to every other day or three times a week to make sure your results last. 

Your Red Light + Microcurrent Solution

The Big Beauty industry has been lying to you, telling you that the only way to be happy in your skin is to use methods that are dangerous, expensive, and painful. My Derma Dream’s products were created to give you access to non-invasive solutions you can use at home. 

When you purchase a product from My Derma Dream, you’ll get their 90-day satisfaction guarantee and access to 24/7 customer service so you can get all your questions answered whenever, wherever you are. 

Don’t pay a la carte for medspa services that will cost a fortune in time and money. Shop My Derma Dream’s collection of skincare essentials and get the skin you deserve at home for a fraction of the price.  


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