What is a Gua Sha Stone & How is Gua Sha Pro different?

What is a Gua Sha Stone & How is Gua Sha Pro different?

An Ancient Beauty Secret Shrouded in Mystery…

The Gua Sha is a time-honored practice. It originates from traditional Chinese medicine & has been beloved for centuries by everyone from skincare practitioners to followers of practical medicine.

"Gua Sha" roughly means "scraping sand”. This name reflects its method of gently massaging the skin with a smooth-edged tool. Interestingly, the practice is rooted in the belief of qi (pronounced "chi"). Qi is the vital life force energy. Gua Sha was originally used to stimulate Qi’s flow through the body, removing any blockages to promote overall well-being!1

Beyond energy work, many say they love using a Gua Sha because they feel it increases blood circulation, reduces puffiness… and best of all it invigorates their complexion!

The main benefits of Gua Sha include:

  • Improved lymphatic drainage…
  • Enhanced skin elasticity…
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines…
  • And a natural, healthy glow!2

Inspired by traditional Gua Sha tools, we’ve created the original Lift & Glow Gua Sha Pro by My Derma Dream combining the ancient practice with cutting-edge technology.

Meet the Lift & Glow Gua Sha Pro

The Lift & Glow Gua Sha Pro is not just any facial device… It’s a sophisticated fusion of the time-honored ancient skincare wisdom and modern technology. We designed the Lift & Glow Gua Sha Pro to give you the ultimate at-home facial treatment.

Here’s how this revolutionary device transforms your skincare routine:

4 Advanced Skincare Treatments. 1 Device.

  1. Traditional Gua Sha: Harnessing the age-old technique of Gua Sha, Gua Sha Pro is designed to promote better circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage, and sculpt and lift your face. We formulated it with an ergonomic S-shaped design ensure the perfect pressure and angle for maximum results.3
  2. Sonic Vibration: By stimulating facial muscles, promoting collagen production, and assisting in product penetration Gentle vibrations enhance the Gua Sha’s benefits. The best part is - it helps serums penetrate deeper - so your serums and creams will be more effective than ever.
  3. Thermal Treatment: Adding to the sonic vibration's ability to increase serum absorption, we’ve added a gentle warming feature to help open up your pores, ensuring that your skincare products are absorbed more effectively. This also boosts circulation, bringing a natural glow to your skin!
  4. Red Light Therapy:  Known for its powerful rejuvenating properties, Red Light Therapy is known to boost cell regeneration, collagen production, and skin elasticity and assists in diminishing sun damage, scars, and other signs of aging!

What Results Can You Expect With Lift & Glow Gua Sha Pro?

With the Lift & Glow Gua Sha Pro, 5 minutes a day, and daily use, you could achieve spa-quality results without leaving the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the results you could expect:

  • Natural Lift & Sculpt: Enhance your facial contours. Accentuate your cheekbones and chisel your jawline.
  • Illuminate Your Skin: Get radiant, glowing skin without layers of makeup (and make your makeup look even better!)
  • Reduce Puffiness: Say bye bye under-eye bags and puffiness! This also helps visually slim the cheeks.
  • Minimize Wrinkles: Over time, along with using a serum - like our No-Tox “Botox In A Bottle” Serum, you could reduce fine lines and wrinkles, rediscovering your skin’s youthful elasticity.

And, we’ve made sure you can get all of this with virtually zero risk because Lift & Glow Gua Sha Pro comes with a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty, the Lift & Glow Gua Sha Pro ensures total satisfaction or your money-back. 


We believe in promoting life-changing skin care, which helps you fall in love with your skin again!

Thus we developed the original Lift & Glow Gua Sha Pro. By redefining the Gua Sha experience, and combining the best of ancient skincare practices with modern technological advancements, you can enjoy a truly unique experience typically only found at the spa; embrace the natural lift, glow, and rejuvenation that comes with this innovative device. So say goodbye to expensive spa treatments and invasive procedures & discover the magic of Gua Sha and experience comprehensive skincare like never before with the Lift & Glow Gua Sha Pro.


Wouter Akika

Founder, My Derma Dream


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