Unlocking the Art of Facial Sculpting: Everything You Want To Know

Unlocking the Art of Facial Sculpting: Everything You Want To Know

You know a secret: life begins at 40. Unlike your slightly more youthful peers, you embrace this decade and understand how the years leading up to it have prepared you to live your absolute best life. There's just one tiny little snafu. Your skin didn't get the memo.

Skin ages, but that doesn't mean that you're bound to facial injections or scrapping a vacation to pay for cosmetic surgery. Instead, you just need to make a few small adjustments to your skincare routine. One of them? Facial sculpting.

The skincare experts at My Derma Dream are passionate about making sure the skin you have is skin you absolutely love. We'll tell you everything you need to know about facial sculpting and why you need to add it to your routine ASAP.

What Happens to Your Skin as You Age?

Time for a reality check. Aging skin ages, and the same skin that you had in your 20s is changing in a few important ways.

The first three you've probably heard of - BUT there's a fourth you may not already know:

  1. Collagen and elastin production slow down, and your skin may begin to look thinner and less firm. At the same time, skin cell turnover also takes a lunch break.
  2. Skin cell turnover begins to slow, leaving dead skin cells hanging out on your skin longer. Skin that looks dull or uneven or is prone to breakouts can indicate that your skin that isn't renewing as quickly.
  3. Oxidative stress and sun damage build up on your skin over time, contributing to dark spots, redness, fine lines, and dryness. Oxidative stress results from free radicals, which are harmful molecules that come from sources like pollution, UV rays, and cigarette smoke.
  4. Your MUSCLES AGE! Yes, ever notice how a ballerina's body basically stays 20… yet their face ages just like ours as we age? That's because they are constantly working on the muscles of their body… but just like us, they don't work out their face.

Here's what's actually happening… Studies have discovered that facial muscles lose mass at a RAPID pace as we age, and this is why our skin begins to sag. We produce less collagen and elastin, and wrinkles appear by the day.

But, if you "exercised" your face - well, look at the graph, and see how aging slows when muscles are stimulated.

However, let's be real. You're not just going to sit around for hours a day doing facial yoga, are you? (As healthy as it is, we have things we need to do!)

And that's where facial sculpting comes in.

What Is Facial Sculpting? (Warning: Not All Are Healthy)

Many people think facial sculpting can only be achieved in one of two ways: injections or surgery.

  • Injections: To sculpt with injections, you'll be using a product that either paralyzes the facial muscle to prevent lines associated with repetitive movement, or fillers to build up hollow areas. (And get this - many doctors are now admitting that Botox can your face FASTER, thus trapping you in a cycle of needing Botox to stay youthful-looking.)
  • Surgery: From mini-lifts to full face lifts, surgical procedures essentially pull the skin tighter for a more sculpted look. However, these are highly invasive (and highly expensive) options that, at worst, can STRETCH and RUIN your skin for years.

If that list gives you nerves, we understand. Slow down, there's no need to be so aggressive. We want great skin without all the cutting, injecting, and freezing.

The good news? Toning, tightening, and improving your skin doesn't require any invasive treatment. You can do it right in the comfort and convenience of your own home, in as little as five minutes a day.

Introducing Microcurrent Technology

Microcurrent uses small electrical currents that mimic the body's own currents, serving as a non-invasive way to lift, sculpt, and tone your skin without needles. These currents are referred to as "sub-sensory," meaning many people don't even feel them at all.

In other words, microcurrent is PAIN-FREE - in fact, it's often done in a spa with an aesthetician, and it's meant to be relaxing.

However, you can also do it at home… and that's where My Derma Dream's MicroSculpt™ System comes in.

The My Derma Dream MicroSculpt™ device uses a low-level microcurrent to reach into the deepest layers of the skin and stimulate skin cells and facial muscles. With just five minutes per day, you can get some unexpected benefits.

Retrain Your Facial Muscles

The muscles that cause your lines and wrinkles or aren't supporting your skin like they should hit the gym and learn to work better. By stimulating the facial muscles, the look of fine lines and wrinkles fades, and the skin appears tighter and more lifted. Plus, the muscle growth resulting from this stimulation also supports natural collagen and elastin for smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Support Blood Flow

Support blood flow to your skin cells. Healthy cells need blood and oxygen, and microcurrent delivers, activating the cells and helping them receive blood flow - which, in turn, supports skin cell health and skin cell turnover.

Support Skincare Product Benefits

Microcurrent helps drive your favorite products deep into the layers of your skin instead of just hanging out on the surface. Before you use the MicroSculpt™ device, you should always prep your skin with one of our activator serums.

My Derma Dream's serums are loaded with skin-loving antioxidants (to support your skin cell health during exposure to damaging free radicals), vitamins and minerals your skin needs to maintain radiance, and hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid to support all-day moisture retention.

How To Use Microcurrent for Your Skin

It's easy to get these benefits at home. Using MicroSculpt™ is easy, safe, and painless. The level of current used in our MicroSculpt™ tool, even at its highest setting, mimics your body's own natural current. You'll feel like you're gently contracting a muscle.

The best part? It only takes five minutes a day.

Prep Your Skin

Start by cleansing your skin with an oil-free cleanser. Oil blocks microcurrent, so be sure your cleanser doesn't contain oil, and that you cleanse thoroughly to remove facial oils.

Apply Activator Serum

My Derma Dream offers two different activator serums to choose from depending on your skin's specific needs.

The Niacinamide Serum provides HYDRATING and BRIGHTENING benefits thanks to vitamin B3 and ginseng root extract. This formula gets to work minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, soothing blemishes, and supporting even skin tone. The Shine Bright Serum features vitamin C and tremella for BRIGHT, FIRM, and EVEN-LOOKING skin, working to enhance your skin's radiance, smooth your complexion, and ease dryness.

Apply a small amount of serum to the area you'll be sculpting. You'll want to apply serum one small area at a time. The serum conducts the microcurrent, so it's important to make sure your skin stays damp with serum.

Start MicroSculpting

Using your MicroSculpt™ device on your preferred setting, begin gently moving over your skin in long, sweeping strokes.

Once you're done, give yourself a mental high-five - you just gave yourself a five-minute facial.

Get Skin That Radiates Beauty Today

Your skin is beautiful and deserves a skincare routine that is custom-tailored to its needs. The truth is, no matter your age, supporting your skin's health just takes a little finesse. You can love your skin at any age and keep it looking as young as you feel.

MicroSculpt makes it easy for you to take care of your skin naturally with non-invasive treatments that give you the sculpted, lifted skin you want so you can feel confident as you age.





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